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Sangavi's Biography
Welcome to Sanghavi's home

Sanghavi!!! A name that sends enthusiasm to millions of men's hearts. The name that entire South Indian movie fans chants for over a decade now. Very few actress have been successful in their career as Sangavi has been for the past 10 years. Not many has the talent, beauty, glamor and skills to survive the movie industry. Sangavi is one who's born with all such qualities that's needed to stay on top in the movie industry. As rightly said in "The Hindu" she has very well balanced glamour and character roles in her career. She has acted over 75 movies and still going strong.

Few facts about Sanghavi.

  • Real Name - Kaavya.
  • Date of Birth - 4th Oct ??
  • Place of Birth - Mysore, Karnataka.
  • Mother Tongue - Kannada.
  • Zodiac Sign - Libra

Sangavi a beautiful hearthrob was born in Mysore,Karnataka and has been a model since her teenage days. Her first claim to fame was her performance in a Tamil movie "Amaravathi" with Ajit. Her performance in the movie got noticed and from there on she conquered the hearts of thousands of Tamil film viewers. Success followed her whereever she went. It's no surprise that she carried herself on to become leading heroine in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada withiin the next few years. Even after almost a decade she still remains a queen in the hearts of millions. The fact that a very few actress in the industry can survive so long indicates her powerful screen presence.

  • Andhra Governments Nadhi (State) award for best actress (Movie:Sindhooram)
  • Roja award for best supporting actress (Movie: Porkallam)


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